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Domestic Violence Screening Questionnaire

Evaluate your relations with the partner using the questionnaire below*. The more questions you answer as “yes”, the higher is the likelihood that you are in abusive relationship.

Your thoughts and feelings

DO You:

  • Are often afraid of your partner?
  • Avoid discussing certain subjects as they can make your partner angry?
  • Feel that whatever is not good enough and you partner criticises you?
  • You think that you deserve this type of behaviour?
  • Feel emotionally broken and helpless?

Humiliating behaviour by your partner

DOES Your partner:

  • Humiliates you and shouts at you?
  • Constantly criticizes you?
  • Treats you in a way that you feel ashamed in front of your family and friends?
  • Ignores your opinion and achievements?
  • Blames you for his/her violent behaviour?
  • Treats you as if you were a property, an object and not a human being?

Violent behaviour and threats by your partner

Does Your partner:

  • Behaves in an unpredictable and aggressive way?
  • Physically harms you, threatens to injure or kill you?
  • Threatens to kidnap/ take your children away?
  • Threatens to commit a suicide if you leave him/ her?
  • Forces you to have sex?
  • Damages and destroys your things?

Controlling behaviour by your partner

Does Your partner:

  • Is very jealous and possessive?
  • Checks on where you go and what you do?
  • Limits your possibilities to see your family and friends?
  • Restricts your use of money, phone, or car?
  • When you are not together your partner always writes to you, calls you, or stalks you?