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If the Perpetrator is Moved Away from Home

According to the Lithuanian legislation, the police officials might move the perpetrator from home even in cases when the perpetrator is the owner of the property. If the perpetrator was moved, follow the following safety measures:

  • Inform the police that you want protection from the perpetrator, so that he does not approach you or contact you.
  • If the perpetrator was detained or arrested, tell the officer you are going to communicate with that you want to be informed if and when the perpetrator is about to be released.
  • Replace the locks at home. Think about the possibility to buy stronger doors.
  • Warn the neighbours to call the police if they see the perpetrator near your house.
  • Explain your children not to open the doors if they are left at home on their own.

If the perpetrator is threatening you or using psychological or physical violence, document every incident in detail.

If the restraining order not to approach or contact you has been issued, report on every incident to the police straight away. Once the perpetrator violates the order, the court might impose stricter sanctions on him.