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Recognising Violence

Domestic violence is coercive behaviour of a current or former partner, spouse, carer or intimate partner that can manifest itself in different forms (physical, psychological, sexual or economic violence).

Controlling behaviour aims at making the partner submissive and/or dependent by isolating him/ her from the sources of support, by exploiting partner resources and skills for personal benefit, by depriving the partner of the means paramount to their independence, resistance and rescue, by controlling the partner’s everyday behaviour.

Coercive behaviour is attacks, threats, humiliation or other types of expression of force or all of the above mentioned that aim at harming, punishing or intimidating a partner.

Domestic violence may manifest itself in one or most often in a few of these forms:

Physical violence Psychological violence
  • Partner throws things at me
  • Partner drags me by my hair
  • Partner pushes me
  • Partner beats and kicks me
  • Partner harms me physically
  • etc.
  • Partner calls me names
  • Partner limits my communication with the others, for example, my friends, family members
  • Partner tries to set children against me
  • Partner threatens me that he/she will harm people or pets important to me
  • etc.
Sexual violence Economic violence
  • Partner makes love to me against my will
  • While making love, my partner makes me do things that I am unwilling to do
  • Partner threatens to leave me if I do not agree to make love to him/ her
  • While making love, partner lies about using protection
  • etc.
  • Partner controls my expenses
  • Partner does not let me work
  • Partner damages my things
  • Partner does not let me spend family money
  • etc.