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How Could the Social Workers Help Me?

Violence in relations might cause a lot of negative social consequences – relations with friends, close relatives, acquaintances might be discontinued, the social circle might become narrower, one might loose a job, income, feel lonely and isolated. In such a case social workers might help you. Their mission – to help you re-establish fully-fledged, independent life.

Social workers might help you:

  • Recognise the forms of improper behaviour or violence towards you;
  • Assess the situation in a more objective way and understand the expectations;
  • Get away from social isolation which occurs due to experienced violence;
  • Identify problems and start dealing with them by having a plan and taking concrete steps;
  • Quit addictions, abuse of alcohol that are consumed often to relieve the pain experienced in violent relations;
  • Start trusting yourself more and be able to make independent decisions.

You might reach a social worker in the nearest municipalityor neighbourhood office closest to your home.