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Recurring Violence Risk Indicators

Despite certain common features each case of domestic violence is quite unique. Therefore, while assessing the situation it is important to listen to the victim’s opinion, because they know best how dangerous the current situation is.

On the other hand, researchers have defined certain indicators that help assess the risk of recurring violence that might even end with homicide[1]. The table below shows that the top five most frequent factors are related to the current/previous partner having criminal records (not necessarily linked to domestic violence), ending the relationship, aggravating issues (alcohol and drug abuse, mental health disorders), jealousy and controlling nature of the aggressor as well as increasing seriousness and frequency of violence.

Equally important are the links between these factors. According to research data, the clearest indication of recurring violence and possibly murder is the jealous and controlling nature of the aggressor. Analysis has shown that the presence of these characteristics means that eleven out of remaining fourteen characteristics will be manifested. The abuse of alcohol and other drugs also increases the likelihood of the link with other risk factors.

Risk factors related to recurring domestic violence and homicide Figures indicate the probability in percentage points.
Curent/previous partner has a criminal record 84,2
The criminal record is related to domestic violence 34,9
Ending the relationship 76,7
The perpetrator has a aggravating issues: 70,5
  • Type of issue: alcohol
  • Type of issue: mental health
  • Type of issue: druggs
The perpetrator is jealous/ controlling 62,3
Violence is becoming more serious/frequent 52,7
The assault result in injuries 45,2
The perpetrator has threatened to kill someone 42,5
The perpetrator attempted to strangle or suffocate the victim 38,4
Conflicts about contact with children 30,1
The perpetrator has threatened/attempted to commit sucide 23,5
The perpetrator has financial issues 22,6
Weapons were used during assault 12,3
The perpetrator has sexually abused the victim 11,6
The victim has suicidal thoughts 11,6
The victim is pregnant 6,2